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    New Varieties of Crops suited for Kerala RICE Varsha Duration 115-120 days (Kharif). 105-110 days (Rabi and Summer) Yield Grain – 3787 kg/ha Straw – 6835 kg/ha Characters Photoperiod insensitive, non-lodging, mid early variety resistant to WBPH and moderately resistant to blue beetles. Low susceptibility to blast and sheath blight under field conditions. Kernel red. long bolo and non-glutinous. Recommended for double crop wet lands of Palakkad and Thrissur. Dhanu Duration 159 days. Yield Grain – 3750 kg/ha Straw – 7188 Kg/ha Characters Photosensitive, Semitall, late maturing variety suitable for second crop season in Onattukara region. Withstand flood and drought conditions. Tolerant to stemborer, moderately tolerant to sheath blight, brown leaf spot, Red Kernel, Resistant to shattering. Chingam Duration 98 days. Yield Grain 3910 kg/ha Characters Non-photosensitive, Semitall, non lodging, early variety suitable for dry sowing in Onattukara region for Virippu season. Moderately tolerant to shealth blight and brown leaf spot. Tolerant to stemborer. Kernel red. Kunjukunju Varna Duration 110-115 days. Yield High Yield Potential Characters Photoperiod insensitive, early maturing, red rice variety. moderately tolerant to major pests like gall fly,leaf folder, whorlmaggot and stemborer. Moderately resistant to blast and moderately susceptible to shealth blight. Non-lodging, non-shattering and responsive to fertilizer. Suitable for double cropped areas of Palakkad, Thrissur and Ernakulam. Kunjukunju Priya Duration 105-110 days Yield High Yield Potential Characters Early maturing red rice. Non-lodging, non-shattering and fertilizer responsive. Moderately resistant to blast. Moderately susceptible to shealth blight. Moderately tolerant to major pests like gall fly, leaf folder, whorl maggot and stem borer. Suitable for double cropped areas of Palakkad, Thrissur and Ernakulam. Gouri Duration 115-120 days. Yield High Yield Potential Characters Medium tillering, dwarf, non-lodging medium duration variety moderately resistant to major diseases and pests. Kernel medium bold and red. Recommended for Kuttanad and Kole regions of Kerala. …

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