Kerala at a Glance

Area- 38,863 Sq.Km
Percentage of Area to the area of Indian Union- 1.18
Length of Costal Line- 580 KM
Highest Peak- Anamudi (2694 meters)
West flowing rivers- 41 Nos.
East flowing rivers- 3 Nos.
Districts- 14 Nos.
Taluks- 75 Nos.
Revenue Villages- 1535 Nos.
Grama Panchayats- 941 Nos.
Corporations- 6 Nos.
Municipalities- 86 Nos.
M.L.A.s Elected- 140+ 1 Anglo Indian Nominee.
Rajya Sabha- 9 Nos.
Community Development Blocks- 152 Nos.
Average Annual Rainfall- 2900 mm.
Percapita land- 0.12 ha.
Percapita production of food grain- 21.6 kg.
No. of Padasekharams- 7359
No. of Kurumulaku Samrakshana Samithies- 1409
No. of Haritha Sanghams- 1581

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